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We won’t let high interest rates crush our people: Erdoğan

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan on Friday reiterated Turkey’s commitment to low interest rates, saying those who perceive high interest rates and monetary traps “as the fate of our nation have the mentality of learned helplessness “. “These interest rates will go down. We will not let the high interest rates crush our people,” Erdoğan said. […]

Interest rates

High real estate values ​​and low interest rates prompt homeowners to refinance

Refinancing your mortgage Home values ​​are reaching new highs. So what should you do? To sell? Refinance? NEW YORK – Many homeowners know that home values ​​are now reaching new highs. So what should you do? To sell? Refinance? “This is clearly still a sellers market, because in addition to record mortgage rates, we also […]


Sweet potato growers benefit from CIP research

Troubled by frequent droughts and high temperatures that made growing maize more difficult, small farmers in Zimbabwe seized the opportunity to boost food security and tackle climate change with sweet potatoes. Sweet potatoes have been improved using conventional breeding methods. The breeding process involves crossing different varieties of sweet potatoes with selected characteristics such as […]


Asian Asset Owners Seek European Logistics and Offices | Asset owners

Asian investors increased their allocations to European commercial real estate this year, highlighting the strong performance of the logistics sector and the region’s impressive ESG credentials. Total Asian investment in European real estate in the three months to September was $ 2.9 billion, an 18% increase from the same quarter in 2019, according to Real […]

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Crown Princess Katherine makes large donation to Serbian school – Royal Central

The Crown Princess Katherine Foundation donated computer equipment to the “Vukasin Markovic” Primary and Secondary School in Kragujevac, Serbia. This aid will help students study and allow teachers to have better devices to support their work. The new computer equipment offered consists of six desktops and two laptops, a projector with screen and a printer […]


When Should American Sports Bets Start Making Profits?

The US sports betting market has hit its first real speed bump. After a few years of upgrading inventories, all-time highs, and triple-digit growth, reality has set in. Penn National Gaming and DraftKings are both down more … than 50% of their peaks, and sports betting stocks across the board are under pressure. Analysts are […]

Interest rates

National Bank of Punjab to cut interest rates on savings accounts from December 1, 2021

The Punjab National Bank is ready to give a big shock to its account holders. The bank decided to change the interest rate on savings accounts. The Punjab National Bank has decided to reduce interest rates on savings accounts from December 1. According to information published on the official Punjab National Bank website, interest rates […]


Portfolios can benefit from exposure to real assets

RCurrent inflation and the lingering economic risks of Covid-19 make diversification even more imperative by the end of 2021 and into 2022, a good time for exposure to real assets. Exposure to real assets can give portfolios uncorrelated assets that do not keep pace with the stock drum. This is particularly the case when it […]


Farmers profit, inflation becomes the main concern

COLUMBUS, Ohio – Farm lenders report profits. That’s according to the American Bankers Association’s Fall 2021 Agricultural Lender Survey. What would you like to know Farm Lenders Report Profits, American Bankers Association Survey Finds Lenders said the overall profitability of farms increased from the previous year. Each week, Chuck Ringwalt and Andy Vance discuss a […]

Interest rates

Bank of Israel saw rates hold, but some analysts call for cuts: Reuters poll | The powerful 790 KFGO

By Steven Scheer JERUSALEM (Reuters) – The Bank of Israel is expected to leave short-term interest rates unchanged this week, its 13th consecutive move, although some analysts believe it should cut rates to stop the shekel from sitting at highest in 26 years against the dollar. The 16 economists polled by Reuters believe the central […]