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10 Memes That Perfectly Summarize Kurt Hummel’s Character

Joy is on everyone’s mind again after actress Lea Michele was cast as the lead in a funny girl production on Broadway. The actress began performing as Fanny Brice on September 6, but had to miss a few performances because she tested positive for Covid-19 (via Deadline).

After everything Rachel Berry has been through, it’s fun to see Lea Michele living out her character’s dream. However, other actors on the show have moved away from their characters, such as Chris Colfer who, in a very un-Kurtian way, has become a talented and widely read author of fantasy books. Still, everyone loves him and his character on the show more than ever, sharing the most hilarious memes about Kurt.


10/10 He struggled to come to terms with his sexuality

At the start of the show, Kurt has a hard time accepting that he is gay because he is afraid of his father’s rejection. As a prototypical “masculine” man, Burt Hummel struggles to connect with his son, and Kurt tries to close that gap by becoming a more masculine person.

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However, Kurt didn’t need to worry about his father’s love and acceptance. Burt loves his son more than anything, and when Kurt decides to come out of the closet, Burt is always there to fight for his son’s right to love whoever he wants.

9/10 Her character got better and better as the show progressed

Many viewers had a hard time connecting with Kurt in the first season because his character was often mean-spirited and arrogant. On top of that, he was convinced he could have a romantic relationship with Finn, and he constantly fought Rachel for him.

There is no doubt that Kurt is one of the best characters in Joy, but he grew more likeable as the show grew. He becomes a sympathetic character who understands other people’s struggles and always tries to help. When he and Rachel move in together in New York, Kurt even becomes the voice of reason since Rachel is always going from one crisis to another. It can be awkward to love Joybut Kurt is way better than the show.

8/10 He was bullied in high school

Unfortunately, just like many LGTBQ+ people in real life, Kurt struggled with bullying during his high school days because he was so open about his sexuality. Characters like Dave Karofsky, one of the worst supporting characters in Joy, made his life hell, to the point that Kurt even had to consider changing schools.

Even though Kurt had a great support system like his amazing dad and some of his closest friends, especially Blaine Anderson, it was one of the darkest times of his life. However, the school did absolutely nothing to try to defend him, not even his Glee Club coach, Will Schuester.

7/10 He’s an amazing performer

Like many other characters in Joy, Kurt dreams of becoming a Broadway star. Fortunately for him, he has the talent to take this step. Not only does this character have an amazing voice, but he also works harder than most of his team members on his performances – except, maybe, Rachel Berry.

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Fans have greatly admired Kurt’s presentations as they are some of the best in the series. Kurt was totally the leader, and Will Schuester completely missed an opportunity every time he didn’t consider Kurt one of his main men for New Directions performances.

6/10 He has the best dad in the world

When Will Schuester announces that they will perform a rendition of the famous song from Nasty musical, Kurt and Rachel immediately jump at the chance to get the solo. However, Will chooses Rachel without even considering Kurt, so Burt demands that his son be given fair consideration right away.

Even though Kurt and Burt don’t have much in common, Burt tries to be the best father possible for Kurt. Burt loves his son unconditionally and fiercely defends him from anyone who tries to discriminate against him, even his own stepson, Finn Hudson.

5/10 He should have been the main character

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Even though Rachel Berry was the show’s main character, many fans found Kurt’s story more compelling and relevant. There is no doubt that Joy had a very interesting assortment of characters, but a Joy the opinion worth fighting for is that Kurt is the best character on the show.

Not only is Kurt one of the best LGBTQ+ portrayals on television, but he’s also a great example of growth and perseverance in the face of hardship. This character overcomes whatever comes his way without ever hurting anyone in the process, maintaining an empathetic attitude through it all.

4/10 He was often in the middle of Santana and Rachel’s fights

After Kurt and Rachel become best friends in Season 3, they decide to go to New York together as they have the same dreams in the city. A little later, Santana joins the duo, and the three share a loft. Despite everything they went through in high school, the three of them are starting this new facet of their lives in style.

However, when Santana and Rachel fight over their roles in the production of funny girl, everything falls apart. Santana has some of his wildest moments in this period and the fight becomes irreconcilable. Rachel leaves the apartment, unable to accept Santana as a stand-in on the show. Poor Kurt had to live with them through it all.

3/10 It is also called Porcelain

Throughout the show, Sue Sylvester is known for giving the most hilarious yet offensive nicknames to her co-workers and students. At first, she used to call Kurt “Lady”, but once he explains to her how hurtful it is, she allows him to choose between other nicknames, of which Kurt chooses “Porcelain”. .

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Even though Sue’s nicknames are meant to be mostly insults since she’s known to hate everyone, Kurt’s is more like a compliment. “Porcelain” would imply that Kurt has good skin, something he strives for. On top of that, Kurt looks a bit like a porcelain doll.

2/10 He’s had a few tough years

Throughout the show, Kurt had to endure a lot of bullying, betrayal from his boyfriend, and disappointments such as not being accepted by his dream school, NYADA. However, Kurt always faced whatever came his way and did the best he could with the tools he had.

When he couldn’t get into NYADA, he went to New York anyway and got a job as an assistant at Vogue. After Blaine cheated on him, Kurt recovered quite early and started dating other people. Eventually, everything turns out for the best, and in the epilogue, Kurt is an accomplished Broadway actor, and he’s married to Blaine.

Like anyone who has ever watched Joy knows, Kurt wasn’t exactly the most popular kid in high school. Because of the fanaticism of his classmates, he was constantly bullied. As unfair as it sounds, it means that when he competed against Brittany for school president, the popular Cheerio took the win.

However, Kurt later proved that high school popularity means nothing in the real world. When he leaves New York, he finds a group of people who share the same interests and passions. On top of that, Kurt’s reasons for being bullied in high school become precisely the reasons he’s successful as an adult.

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