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10 memes that sum up the movie

Before shows like I have never and Euphoria were made to tell the trials and tribulations of adolescence, there were classic comedies from the 2000s, which would do the same. Among these was one that was so adored and well received by fans and critics alike that it is still considered one of the best teen movies today: mean girls.

From Janis Ian exclaiming “your mother’s chest hair” to teenagers letting petty rivalries fuel bullying and sabotage, the film resonated with audiences thanks to its dependability and extensive use of comedy. Even today, fans celebrate the evergreen film in a way that best suits it, memes.


ten Norbury and Duval

Cady’s math teacher, Mrs. Norbury, and the principal, Mr. Duvall, are two of the film’s best-known secondary characters. The two are seen as doing their best for the North Shore students, especially after everything starts to go wrong after Regina exposes the Burn Book.

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Despite their good intentions, the two adults define themselves by definite actions, most notably during their introductions on Cady’s first day. Mr. Duvall is shown to be obviously in love with Mrs. Norbury. On the other hand, she is much less interested and wallows in her recent divorce, as this post on Twitter sums it up well.

9 The real villain

Although the resolute end does mean girls one of the most popular “girl movies”, most of the film’s narrative focuses on high school rivalries, grudges, and cliques before reaching its happy ending.

However, while the film casts Regina George as the villain, audiences have concluded that the real villain is Janis Ian, as seen in this article. While Regina can be a bully at times, Janis’ plan to intentionally infiltrate and manipulate her clique via Cady far outweighs Regina’s toxicity, proving the film’s message about gray morals and how anyone can choose to to be a naughty girl or not.

8 Damian and Janis

Damian and Janis are two of the film’s central characters, and also a healthier example of best friends. Their friendship works in part because of their complementarity; Janis is jagged, direct and confrontational while Damian is kinder, more dramatic and calm.

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As noted in this meme posted by a Reddit user, the two share many similarities with another dynamic duo, Disney’s Mikey and Spinelli. Break. Along with their personalities, Damian and Janis also share a similar appearance and build, with Damian even having Mikey’s great vocal skills.

seven Cady’s Priorities

When Cady is the confused newcomer to North Shore High School, Janis and Damian are the first to take her under their wings. However, soon after, the Plastics also seek to befriend Cady and incorporate her into their exclusive group.

As this meme shows, Cady soon begins to abandon her old friends for the new group of socialites, causing later tension between her, Damian, and Janis as she diverts all of her attention and effort to maintaining her plastic identity.

6 Cady’s math skills

Cady is shown from the start to be great at math and loving the subject because it’s “the same in every language”. Unfortunately, she quickly decides that being good at math isn’t as important to her as winning over one of the film’s best supporting characters, Aaron Samuels.

Even though Aaron himself isn’t as good at math, Cady is determined to be even worse in hopes of spending more time with him as a tutor. That big plotline of the movie is accurately displayed in this meme, highlighting how ridiculous and childish Cady’s plan was.

5 Janis’ surprise

Most of the North Shore community is aware of the failed friendship between Regina and Janis, following Regina starting a rumor that Janis had a crush on her. Because of this incident, Janis grew distant from Regina and began to despise her and her new clique.

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His surprise when the Plastics welcome Cady is not hidden at all and is hilarious and well encapsulated in the meme. Janis’s disbelief quickly turns into planning and a plot for revenge, setting the course for the film and Cady’s development.

4 Karine

Not only are the Plastics at the top of their high school pyramid, but they are also among the hottest girls in cinema, envied for their hottest looks and styles while being influential and idolized trailblazers.

However, despite their social status, each member of Plastics has their own flaws. Most emphasized by the film, in typical early 2000s fashion, is Karen’s oblivious and naive nature, evident in this meme. While Karen has many redeeming qualities, her lack of self-awareness is something the film capitalizes on, yielding some of its best moments and lines.

3 Regina’s Chaos

Viewers of the movie won’t be surprised that Regina George ranks number one among the movie’s baddest main characters. From starting nasty rumors to abusing her powers as the school’s queen bee, Regina is the epitome of a high school bully who thrives on the misery and unpopularity of others.

She also enjoys creating trouble and watching the school burn as a result of her actions, as the meme cleverly shows. After publishing the pages of their Burn Book, Regina sits back and feigns innocence as she watches the school go up in flames over the contents of the book.

2 The Argument

Although Janis originally intended for Cady to destroy the plastics from within, Cady soon finds herself succumbing to the powers that come with popularity and becoming part of North Shore’s elite clique. Unfortunately, she becomes so preoccupied with plastics that she doesn’t realize she has become one herself.

Although this meme shared on Reddit references the Broadway adaptation, it still accurately depicts Janis’ hurt and disappointment towards Cady in the original film, as she and Cady realize how far their charade has come and what it cost.

1 Pop cultural significance

mean girls has gone from typical movie status to an iconic cult classic. Even today, fans refer to the film throughout the year, thanks to its universally applicable and incredibly quotable lines like “it’s so expensive” and “she doesn’t even go here!” Not to mention the holiday references, whether it’s Cady’s Halloween fiasco or Jingle Bell Rock’s performance.

The film has proven its continued importance in pop culture and continues its legacy not only through new adaptations and parodies, but primarily through its adoring fans who celebrate its plethora of memorable content, as this meme shows.

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