Why a nonprofit architecture firm is hiring filmmakers – 60 Minutes

Thatcher Bean recalled the spontaneous life-changing mission with a mixture of longing and excitement for the future. It was September 2013, and Bean, an emerging filmmaker, got a call from Alan Ricks of MASS Design Group. The principal architect and co-founder of the Boston-based nonprofit had been invited to give a TED talk, but was […]

Interest rates

Interest rates and carbon prices are already rising

The money market and the carbon market say the same thing: the authorities are wrong about interest rates and the cost of fighting climate change. In the case of interest rates, the ideas of the Reserve Bank are ruthlessly questioned by the market. And with the Australian carbon market as it is, it is the […]


Kenya Power bounces back to 1.5 billion shillings in profit

Kenya Power returned to profitability until June 2021 thanks to revenue growth. This is attributed to a huge demand for electricity and reduced costs. The company reported net profit of Sh1.49 billion for the year, an improvement from a loss of Sh939 million recorded in the same period last year. The firm attributed the profit […]


Sify second quarter profit increases 38.5% to 35.6 crore, Telecom News, ET Telecom

New Delhi: IT company Sify Technologies on Friday announced a 38.5% increase in its after-tax consolidated profit to Rs 35.6 crore for the second quarter ended September 30. The company had recorded Rs 25.7 crore in profit in the same quarter a year ago. Sify Technologies’ consolidated revenue increased 18.42% to Rs 698.6 crore in […]


Your employees are your most important technological asset

The robot overlords promised to you have not yet arrived. It’s understandable that you might think they’re coming soon, as media coverage of workplace technology has focused on an inevitable conflict between human jobs and robotic automation. However, this catastrophic scenario will not come true, and it never will be. This is because people are […]


“We know that our workforce is our greatest asset”

“I have never worked in a place where the needs or opinions of the staff have been so important. It helps me make my job a lot easier, ”says Rebecca Sutton, senior social worker for children’s services at Wigan Metropolitan Borough Council and responsible for workforce services and quality assurance. Caring senior management Rebecca describes […]

Interest rates

Is it time for FTBs to freeze interest rates?

On Thursday next week, the Bank of England’s monetary policy committee will decide whether interest rates will finally rise, after the record low of 0.1% in place since March 2020. Put simply, a rise in interest rates means that borrowing becomes more expensive for those who buy a property, whether they are buying for their […]


Banks Prepare $ 952.3 Million In CMBS Via 2021-B30 Benchmark

A group of four major banks is sponsoring another commercial mortgage-backed securities (CMBS) transaction from the Benchmark platform, in a transaction in which commercial properties make up about a third of the collateral pool . Thirty-eight commercial mortgages secured by 50 properties with an aggregate principal balance of $ 952.3 million provide security for the […]

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local developer acquires River North site for undisclosed amount | Development

GBT Realty has paid an undisclosed sum for two parcels of River North on which it is apparently considering large-scale development. A statement does not note what the Brentwood-based company is planning for the sites, known as Plots F and G and comprising approximately 3.7 acres. River North will be anchored by the Oracle Corp […]

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Bank of Canada ends quantitative easing, leaves interest rates unchanged – Saanich News

The Bank of Canada is not yet ready to raise interest rates, but the central bank decided to end quantitative easing on Wednesday (October 27). During much of the pandemic, the central bank injected stimulus into the economy through quantitative easing, buying billions of dollars in federal government bonds to keep interest rates low. This […]