Biopharma launches clinical trial of its main asset in endometrial cancer

“Solid tumors provide a substantial opportunity for Karyopharm Therapeutics’ Xpovio (selinexor) that investors may not yet have realized,” noted a report from HC Wainwright & Co.

Karyopharm Therapeutics Inc. (KPTI: NASDAQ) has completed recruiting participants for its SIENDO Phase 3 clinical trial, Edward White, analyst at HC Wainwright & Co., reported in a December 2 research note. All 250 participants have primary or recurrent stage IV endometrial cancer and have had a partial or complete response after at least a 12-week course of taxane-platinum combination chemotherapy.

The Massachusetts pharmaceutical company offers investors significant return potential given that HC Wainwright’s target price is $ 26 per share and Karyopharm is now trading at around $ 6.62 per share.

The analyst reviewed the intent and design of the study. SIENDO will evaluate the safety and efficacy of Xpovio, which binds and inhibits the nuclear export protein XPO1, as a maintenance treatment for patients with endometrial cancer.

“We continue to believe that the solid tumors present a substantial opportunity for Xpovio that investors may not yet have realized,” wrote White. (Karyopharm is also evaluating Xpovio in hematologic tumors.)

Each SIENDO participant will be randomized on a 2: 1 basis to receive either Xpovio, a maintenance dose of 80 mg once weekly, or a placebo, until the disease progresses. Progression-free survival is the primary endpoint; 0.6 is the targeted risk ratio.

A reading of the first data from SIENDO is expected by the end of this year or early 2022. The commercial launch of Xpovio in solid tumors could then take place in 2023, generating around $ 26.7 million over the course of its first year in the market, White noted.

HC Wainwright has a buy rating on Karyopharm.


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