DAIM’s Use of Trusts Offers Benefits to Owners of Digital Assets

Using a trust is the best way to protect your assets and make sure they don’t get lost or have any long-term problems. A properly administered trust will ensure that your digital assets are transferred quickly and easily to your beneficiaries, while avoiding costly probate.

Another important benefit of a trust is that it can provide some level of privacy. Many people prefer to keep their name or confidential details of large balances out of public view and records.

Additionally, trusts can be changed at any time or even revoked as your circumstances may change over time. A lawyer who specializes in trusts and estate planning will be needed to create your trust, and DAIM can work with a trust lawyer on the transfer of digital assets into a trust.

Self-managed cryptocurrency exchanges and custodians do not easily provide the ability to name beneficiaries or title your account as a trust. Online cryptocurrency exchanges do not provide the human interaction, expertise, and proper paper trail of a full-service company like DAIM.

This is where you need a professional, licensed digital asset advisor and trust attorney to secure your trust documents, create the single trust account, and establish a case with a qualified custodian so that multiple parties approved can access your trust account.

A licensed digital asset advisor and fiduciary attorney can also help you transfer the assets to your beneficiaries or continue to manage them for the beneficiaries. The Certified Advisor also solves the Prudent Investor Rule, which requires assets to be managed with the needs of beneficiaries in mind and avoiding unnecessary risk.

DAIM has a fiduciary lawyer experienced in California in our network to help you with all the necessary steps, or you are free to choose your own Trust lawyer.

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