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WILDWOOD, Mo., Aug. 24, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Elite Member Perks, a travel points management service, has begun helping timeshare owners discover new ways to take advantage of their unused points. The service, which specializes in helping customers get the most out of their property, now helps timeshare owners with everything from mortgage management to maintenance payment plans, all without putting jeopardize their lines of credit or their financial situation.

In the post-pandemic era, online booking is the preferred method of travel and vacation rentals are higher than ever. Those who buy timeshares hoping to save money and increase their return on investment are often frustrated when points for their allotted vacation time go unused at the end of an annual cycle.

With Elite Member Perks, customers can enter into a lasting relationship with a team of experts who will manage their points for them so they can get the most out of their vacation. The Elite Member Perks team works to convert unused timeshare points into cash in the form of refund checks. When resorts refuse to redeem timeshares and the resale market provides no value, the Elite Member Perks team can leverage its network to help customers receive refund checks each quarter.

After recognizing the need to help timeshare owners who couldn’t enjoy their property, Principal Owner Kyle Brown and his team set out to help people who were losing compensation for their unused points.

“We like to use the phrase ‘get peace of mind without losing a dime’ when engaging with new clients,” Brown said. “Many timeshare owners don’t realize how much compensation they are losing because of this issue. We are working to educate our customers while simultaneously implementing plans to reduce their losses and increase their revenue, all without ever putting their credit lines at risk.”

Elite Member Perks primarily operates in Florida and Missouri. With physical offices in both states, both teams have seen tremendous growth in recent months. Both offices handle outreach and customer services, and the Missouri office also oversees all reservation, customer service, onboarding, and payment processes.

After waiving all enrollment fees for its programs, Elite Member Perks is looking to work with hundreds of new timeshare owners in the coming months. To learn more about Elite Member Perks programs, please visit

About Elite Member Benefits

We pay timeshare owners on their unused resort points. Points that they cannot use for the year are exchanged to us for cash.

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Mariah Harrison or Laura Bohannon @ (877) 600-5711

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