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By Alexandra Meeks, CNN

(CNN) — If you’re planning on running a Starbucks today, your hot drinks will be a little different. The company is launching its Holiday Mugs, an annual tradition dating back to 1997 that unofficially rings in the season for the chain’s avid fans.

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1. Midterm

In an urgent appeal to American voters, President Joe Biden sent a clear message on Wednesday to those considering not participating in next week’s midterm elections. “We can no longer take democracy for granted,” he said, stressing that the very future of the country is at stake. Biden added that there are candidates running “who will not commit to accept the results of the elections in which they are taking part”, and warned that targeted political violence could ensue if the candidates refused to back down. Biden’s message comes as Democrats’ enthusiasm for the vote is significantly lower than it was in 2018, according to a new CNN poll. Four years ago, 44% of registered Democratic voters said they were extremely excited about voting; now only 24% say the same. Meanwhile, an enthusiastic Republican base has put the GOP in a strong position in the race for control of the House of Representatives.


Russia’s repeated attacks on critical infrastructure in Ukraine prompted emergency power cuts and restrictions today, according to state energy company Ukrenergo. This week alone, attacks in several regions of Ukraine have left millions of people without electricity and water intermittently. Additionally, the Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant – Europe’s largest power station – was again disconnected from the Ukrainian power grid today due to Russian shelling which damaged the remaining high-voltage lines, officials said. The Zaporizhzhia factory has come under intense scrutiny since it was occupied shortly after the Russian invasion in February. Intense shelling near the facility this summer raised concerns of a possible nuclear accident.

3. Interest rate

The Federal Reserve raised its benchmark interest rate on Wednesday as part of its aggressive battle to bring down inflation plaguing the U.S. economy. The oversized hike takes the central bank’s benchmark benchmark rate to a new target range of 3.75% to 4%. Economists say the move marks the Fed’s toughest policy decision since the 1980s and will likely add to the economic pain of millions of American businesses and households by further raising the cost of borrowing. Additionally, when the overnight bank lending rate – known as the federal funds rate – rises, various loan rates that banks offer their customers tend to follow. So you can expect to see your credit card interest rates rise within a few statements.

4. Asset

Former President Donald Trump has filed a lawsuit to try to block the New York Attorney General from obtaining documents from the trust that owns the Trump Organization. The civil lawsuit was filed hours after a New York judge denied an attempt to move New York Attorney General Letitia James’ $250 million lawsuit against Trump, his eldest children and others to another location. New York State Court Division. Trump is seeking an injunction to prevent James from obtaining information about the trust because he said James would “publicly disclose the information once obtained,” Trump alleged in the lawsuit. Trump and James are due in court today for the first hearing since the lawsuit was filed alleging fraud by the Trumps and their company.

5. World Series

For only the second time in World Series history, a no-hitter was thrown as the Houston Astros defeated the Philadelphia Phillies in Game 4. The best-of-seven series is now tied 2-2. In Game 4, pitcher Cristian Javier started for the Astros, throwing six hitless innings, striking out nine and walking two. He threw a mind-blowing 97 pitches before being relieved. Bryan Abreu and Rafael Montero each pitched a perfect inning before Ryan Pressly finished the Phillies in ninth at Citizens Bank Park in Philadelphia. The only previous no-hitter in the 118-year history of the World Series occurred in 1956. “We haven’t finished the job yet, but it’s very, very special for us,” the catcher said. of the Astros, Christian Vazquez.


The Powerball jackpot will reach around $1.5 billion

No winning tickets were sold for Wednesday’s Powerball draw, boosting the jackpot to one of the largest in US history. Okay, next round…

See Robert Downey Jr.’s kids shave their heads for his next role

The ‘Iron Man’ actor enlisted the help of his children to prepare for a new role. Watch the video here.

A a huge tunnel has opened under Niagara Falls

Tourists can now walk on a platform to view Niagara Falls. Take a look at the attraction that was previously closed to visitors.

It’s the best cheese in the new world

After narrowing it down to a few Brie Lliant finalists, this beloved cheese ended up beating over 4,400 competitors.

Miss Argentina and Miss Puerto Rico reveal they are married

These two beauty queens seemed to be close friends on social media. What fans didn’t know was that they were secretly dating all the time.


1.5 degrees Celsius

This is what our planet needs to limit global warming to avoid passing a key tipping point beyond which the risk of extreme drought, wildfires, floods and food shortages will dramatically increase. , according to the UN. Researchers say one of the most visible indicators of climate change is its effect on Earth’s iconic glaciers, a major source of fresh water. Glaciers have been melting at an extreme rate in recent decades, causing sea levels to rise by around 20% since 2000.

Today, CNN is hosting the second edition Call for Earth Day. Join us for a cover special day on TV, digital and on our social media as we celebrate a planet worth protecting.


“The United States believes that no nation that systematically violates the rights of women and girls should have a role in an international or United Nations body mandated to protect those same rights.”

–Vice President Kamala Harris, announcing on Wednesday that the United States would work to remove Iran from the United Nations Commission on the Status of Women. The effort to kick Iran out of the 45-member intergovernmental body comes as the Iranian government has tried to quell nationwide protests over the death of Mahsa Amini. The 22-year-old died after being detained by Iranian police for not wearing her hijab properly. Meanwhile, Iran has indicted around 1,000 people for their alleged involvement in the protests and plans to hold public trials in the coming days.


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Colorful time-lapse of hot air balloons

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