“The fact that he worked with Mercedes will be an asset for sure” – Frédéric Vasseur reveals the reasons to hire Valtteri Bottas for Alfa Romeo

“The fact that he worked with Mercedes will be a definite asset” – Alfa Romeo team manager Frédéric Vasseur revealed the main reasons for calling on Valtteri Bottas.

It will be an absent Finn, Finn for Alfa Romeo next season as Valtteri Bottas replaces the retiring Kimi Raikkonen. Bottas brings a lot of racing experience for Williams and Mercedes which will help Alfa Romeo immensely.

Frédéric Vasseur recognizes this and is delighted with what Bottas will bring to the table, having won every possible constructor title with Mercedes and steadily rising to the podium.

“For me, he’s a competitor. I remember the GP3 season in 2011. It was a tough start, but then he was able to put everything in place and win six or seven races in a row.

“If you look at the last 10 years he’s always been on the podium, always fighting for pole positions and that’s important because it’s kind of education to be at the top of the grid and, that is sure he will bring his great experience to the team.

“He’s a championship favorite for the past five years. If you compare with Lewis he’s always had a huge performance in qualifying, he was around 0.2% lower on average and he will bring his own experience as well. The fact that he worked with Mercedes will definitely be a plus.

“I think the other point is that on his side, I think he wants to have a medium-term project. It’s an important step, and also to be able to be in a way the leader of the team.

“He’s always been next to Lewis and will definitely have to take more responsibility with us. It will be a challenge for Valtteri but I think he is ready to do it.

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