Woodstock Housing Alliance receives not-for-profit status

The Woodstock Housing Alliance (WHA), which aims to help end housing insecurity in Woodstock by developing accessible and sustainable housing options, has begun operations. Created by residents of Woodstock, WHA intends to create and permanently manage affordable housing for Woodstock residents with a wide range of incomes. The WHA recently received its nonprofit, 501(c)(3) status from the Internal Revenue Service and has already received donations of money and property.

The Woodstock Housing Alliance will hold a kick-off event on Thursday evening August 25 at

Woodstock Community Center. The public is invited to learn more about the mission and vision of the Woodstock Housing Alliance.

Kirk Ritchey, the principal founder of the WHA and current co-chair of the Woodstock Housing Committee, said: “For years there has been a critical need for longer-term housing options in Woodstock. We need housing for people who work in Woodstock, for young people who grew up in Woodstock and want to stay here, for our elderly residents, and for people who provide important services to the city.

Jeff Collins, Chairman of the WHA Board of Directors, said, “The City of Woodstock has been working for over a year now to revise its zoning code from an exclusionary zoning model to an exclusive zoning model. ‘inclusion. This effort is nearing completion and is one of the things that will help solve the housing crisis in Woodstock. Other necessary components include legislative action by the city council and the creation of public-private partnerships between non-profit organizations, such as the Woodstock Housing Alliance and the city. Affordable housing is a difficult problem to solve, and it will take all of these elements working together to meet Woodstock’s housing needs.